Good Sipler Funeral Home & Cremation Centre has been serving Reamstown area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

A Tradition In Northern Lancaster County

Historical records first speak of our family as "undertakers" in 1846, and six generations of service and caring have built Good Sipler Funeral Home & Cremation Centre into the full service establishment that is here to serve you today.

A History of Caring

According to Northern Lancaster County historical records, Elias Weitzel, Sr. (no image available), relocated to the village of Reamstown with his family in the 1830's from Weitzeltown (near Montello Road & Fritztown Road), Spring Township, Berks County, PA. The first reference of him as an undertaker in Reamstown appeared in 1846, thus the date used for the origin of this longtime family tradition. Berks County records hint at the possibility that there was an earlier Weitzel generation in funeral service, however, this has not been verified.

Where It All Began in Reamstown

Carriage Maker & Undertaker

Elias Sr. was a carriage and furniture maker by main trade and crafted the coffins required by the town folk when a death occurred, thereby assuming the role of an undertaker. His son, Elias Jr., followed in these roles until his death in 1898.

Early Carriage Hearse c. 1894

Carriage & Undertaking Works

Elias Weitzel, Jr. (Later)

The Good Name Begins

The "Good" name arrived on the scene when Harry H. Good married Hallie Weitzel, Elias Jr.'s daughter, in 1893. A cigar maker by trade, Harry also took on the family's undertaking business upon the death of his father-in-law. In an effort to keep up with trends, Harry attended a 4-day seminar in 1900 in Harrisburg, PA, conducted by Prof. Charles A. Renouard of New York City, to learn a revolutionary new practice, the art of arterial embalming. Over the next 20 years, embalming was slowly introduced to this section of rural Pennsylvania, as it became a standard throughout the growing nation.

H. H. Good & Son...4th Generation

Harry's son, Clarence Weitzel Good (1900-1969), worked in a family general merchandise store and the town post office, as well as serving as Reamstown's Funeral Director for 40 years. Clarence had been a school teacher prior to joining the family trade. He was educated at Millersville University, then a State Normal School, and Eckel's College of Embalming and Sanitary Science, Philadelphia, PA. It was during this time that the business was renamed H. H. Good & Son. The firm kept this name until Harry's death in 1960. Working along with Clarence, were his wife, Miriam Buch Good (1906-1993) and his son, Ronald B. Good (1935- ). Ronald was educated at Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, as well as Eckel's in Philadelphia, PA.

Earlier Days at Good Funeral Home

Location Until 1941

1961 View of Building

Growth & Changes

Funeral homes as separate businesses weren't as prevalent in rural areas in early years, so the business was operated from the Good Family home in Reamstown until 1941, when it moved in to a small section of the current building. This building has undergone expansion four times, the latest completed on the Good Funeral Home's 150th Anniversary in May 1996. Michael desires that his unique, comfortable atmosphere is an ongoing work of art, each year provides projects for improvement and refurbishment. A new parking area to the rear of the property was added for larger viewings and services.

Husband & Wife Team and Son

Clarence & Miriam Good

Ronald (son) & Miriam (mother)

6th Generation & First Full Time Director

Ronald's son, Michael Tod Good, the current owner, received his license in 1978 and worked with his grandmother and father. In 1982, he became sole proprietor, and the sixth generation to direct this family establishment. He attended college at Catawba College, Salisbury, North Carolina, and American Academy McAllister Institute of Mortuary Science, New York City. The growing business was incorporated in 1998 as Good Funeral Home & Cremation Centre, Inc., a name which reflects the full service operations offered to the public.

A New Era For Good Funeral Home

Michael believes funeral homes must get away from "cookie cutter funerals" and tend to the unique needs and desires of each family they serve. Michael does so with a progressive, dignified, yet relaxed manner evident throughout the Home and in the services he provides. An addition to the facility in the past few years has been a private family room with powder room, refrigerator and private closet. Also, the selection room has been enhanced with new lighting, expanded areas for cremation items and personalization features to allow a family to individualize their merchandise choices.

A great improvement has been the purchase of two adjacent properties south of the funeral home. The houses were razed, a new parking entrance created, enhanced parking area designed and scenic landscaping was added. The parking lot brings our total parking availability to over 60 off-street spaces. Also, a property was purchased north of the funeral home in 2008, razed and landscaped to maintain the quiet, tasteful setting Michael desires for visitors to his establishment, with the potential existing for future growth as we serve more families.

In 2010, an on-site, custom walk-in cooler was installed within the funeral home to provide facilities for holding loved ones while the decision to embalm is being finalized by the family, and to extend the safe holding time prior to cremation when embalming is not requested.

Michael attends conventions and seminars on a regular basis to continue his education and awareness of the funeral industry. This is one way to constantly bring new ideas for services and merchandise to the families selecting Good Funeral Home & Cremation Centre.

He maintains a membership with the National Funeral Directors Association, the premier organization supporting funeral service nationwide.

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