34-38 North Reamstown Road
Post Office Pox 94
Reamstown, PA 17567-0094
Fax - 717-336-7673

Elegance, comfort, and attention to detail.

Good Funeral Home & Cremation Centre, Inc., located in the quaint village of Reamstown, Lancaster County, provides a unique, comforting atmosphere in which to honor your loved one and receive family and friends. 

In addition to exceptional service, things that set Good Funeral Home apart from other mortuaries are the exquisite Victorian furniture, collector quality antiques and spacious rooms for services, arrangements, selecting merchandise and welcoming guests. An attractive, safe parking area is provided adjacent to the funeral home with complete handicap accessibility.

If you are considering viewing, Michael's expertise in preparation and meticulous demand for a natural, pleasing appearance makes Good Funeral Home your first choice.  Viewing can provide great healing benefits when a sleep-like look is achieved.  Don't be satisfied with less than the best for this important feature in our service offerings.

An independent, family owned business for six generations; you can rely on Michael and his staff to provide the comfort, support and attention to detail that has been a local trademark since 1846.

Generations of Caring